Course Title: Public Speaking for PR Professionals Training Course
Course Category: Corporate Communication Subcategory: Public Relations
Course Location: Course Date: 04 March 2024
€ 4490

One week

Public speaking is a critical component of the PR professional's role, as they often have to present information and ideas to various stakeholders, including media, clients, and the general public. This 5-day training course will provide PR professionals with the tools and techniques needed to effectively communicate their messages, build rapport with their audience, and deliver presentations that are both memorable and impactful.


The objectives of this course are to:
- Develop the skills and confidence needed to deliver effective public speaking presentations
- Teach participants how to structure their presentations for maximum impact
- Provide tips and tricks for engaging with audiences and delivering memorable presentations
- Help participants understand the psychology of public speaking and how to overcome stage fright
- Provide practical experience in delivering presentations and receive feedback to help improve their skills.

Who Should Attend this Course

This course is ideal for PR professionals, including those working in agencies and in-house, who need to develop their public speaking skills to effectively communicate their messages to various stakeholders.

Course Outline

Day 1: Understanding the Basics of Public Speaking

Topics covered:

- The importance of public speaking in PR
- Understanding the psychology of public speaking
- Overcoming stage fright and nervousness
- Developing a strong speaking voice
- Structuring a presentation for maximum impact

Day 2: Engaging with Your Audience

Topics covered:

- Building rapport with your audience
- Understanding the needs and motivations of your audience
- Developing a connection with your audience through storytelling
- Using body language, gestures, and eye contact to enhance your presentation

Day 3: Delivering Effective Presentations

Topics covered:

- Crafting a compelling opening and closing
- Using visual aids to support your message
- Ensuring your presentation is memorable and impactful
- Handling questions from the audience

Day 4: Practical Presentation Skills

Topics covered:

- Participants will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation and receive feedback from the instructor and peers
- Tips for improving presentation skills
- Reviewing best practices for effective public speaking

Day 5: Refining Your Skills

Topics covered:

- Participants will have the opportunity to deliver a longer presentation and receive further feedback from the instructor and peers
- Reviewing areas for improvement and setting personal goals for ongoing development
- Final Q&A with the instructor to address any remaining questions or concerns.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have:
- Developed the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their messages through public speaking
- A better understanding of the psychology of public speaking and how to overcome stage fright
- Improved their public speaking skills through practical experience and feedback
- A personalized action plan for ongoing development and improvement.

Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to work on practical exercises and case studies to apply the concepts and skills they have learned. The course will also include interactive discussions and opportunities for participants to share their experiences and insights.

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